Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Food

This week I got results back from an extremely extensive food allergy test. It tests 200 common foods and gives you four categories. For the next three months, I am only eating foods from the "green" category.

After I got my results, I came home and cleared out the pantry and fridge.

All the unopened non-perishables, I donated to the food pantry at work. I bagged up the perishable stuff, but it's hard for me to throw it away. Especially the unopened stuff.

I also sat down and made a big list of recipes, stuff I already make and new stuff that I have seen that fits the requirements.

Thursday was a big grocery shopping day. I was going to take pictures of my haul, but I was too tired after class. My grocery cart looks different than everyone else's. Mine is full of all kinds of produce... and nothing else.

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