Monday, August 13, 2012

Juicy Monday: Tips

I am visiting my family in North Carolina. I love coming home, but it means that I am cooking a little differently than I do in my own kitchen. So there are fewer new recipes and pictures to share. But I am still juicing, and as I have been doing this juicing thing for about two months now -- Total sidenote: Do you ever calculate the time for things and just think "Whoa! How did that happen?"

Sorry, back to the point -- I've been doing the juicing thing for a while and I thought it was time to share a few tips for good juice.

Tips for Good Juice:

1. Keep it simple
My favorite juice recipe is the Carrot juice which has three ingredients -- carrots, an apple, and ginger. Don't put too many ingredients in the juicer. When you use too many ingredients, two things happen. First it looks like mud... or worse, and second it doesn't taste very good.

2. If the juice doesn't taste good -- add fruit
Sometimes if you do a lot of vegetables in your juice (which is good for you), the juice can be hard to drink. I will totally confess that I have really had to choke some things down. If you haven't completely cleaned up your juicer and put it away before you have a sip of juice, you can add more fruit. See the previous tip though. My usual recourse is to add another quarter or half of the apple that is already in the juice.

3. If the juice doesn't taste good -- dilute it
Another option if your juice doesn't taste good, you can dilute it with water. Sometimes this cuts down on the concentrated flavor just enough to help you out.

4. If the juice doesn't taste good -- dilute it with sparkling water

This is my favorite option for beet juice. (The nutritionist swears that beet juice is good for me, but I have a really hard time with the flavor). When I lived in Italy, I got used to drinking water "frizzante." It has no sugar, it is just carbonated water. I found a six-pack of liter sized bottles at Whole Foods for about seven dollars. I thought that was a great deal, so I bought it and when I was trying to drink the beet juice, I added some fizzy water in. It made it so much better.

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