Friday, August 17, 2012

Chickpea "Quizza"

This might be starting to feel like an unending quest for breakfast. Maybe I should say it feels a little like that for me, but I hope you are excited about new recipes and new possibilities.

In my initial search for breakfast options, I pinned a bunch of possibilities. -- As a total side-note, can I say that I love how technology can help with so many things? I love looking at other people's recipes and having a board to pin them on.

This is the second time I have made this "Chickpea 'Quizza'" by Diet, Dessert and Dogs. I made a couple modifications this time, and it turned out even better. It makes a great breakfast full of protein (yay!), a little good fat (yay!) and vegetables -- and who couldn't use more of that.

Chickpea "Quizza"
From Diet, Dessert and Dogs

My changes to the ingredients:
I used cherry tomatoes -- not oven roasted or dried -- just chopped in quarters. I also added a few sundried tomatoes (the dark strips you can see in the picture).
For the pepper, the first time I made this I just chopped up a green bell pepper and then I felt the entire dish was too ... this sounds weird, but onion-y. And I decided that was really the pepper. For this second try I chopped up two hot peppers (a jalapeno and one of undetermined variety) really really really small, and added them. I can't taste them at all.
I added more salt -- at least a 1/2 tsp.

My changes to the directions:
The first time I made it I followed the directions of putting the base in the blender. This time I bypassed that and did it with the whisk attachment in my KitchenAid. The blender is less messy.
I also baked this in a glass pyrex dish. (I don't own a cast-iron pan). This time I used a 9x13 dish, and I like it much better than the smaller size I used last time. You can see in the picture how thick it is and I find that much easier to eat.

Happy eating everyone.

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