Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Curry Granola

I am always interested in granola recipes. Really granola for breakfast seems like such a good idea. Generally granola has nuts, so it's good protein and fat. That fits my requirements. Then I found a granola recipe that was grain free, so it was a great way to also eliminate the oatmeal.

The original recipe is by The Urban Poser.

And it made a whole lot.

Unfortunately, this granola would not stay as a bar. The original recipe suggested keeping it cold, but even that hasn't helped. So I either eat it with a spoon, or I dump it on top of oatmeal... yeah, about that whole oatmeal thing...

Changes to the Recipe:
I used raisins.
I used dates instead of honey.
I added a tablespoon of ground flax seed.

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