Tuesday, February 1, 2011


As a family, we have a lot of Christmas traditions. One of those traditions is our Christmas morning breakfast.

This is the table as we are just getting ready for breakfast.

Our breakfast is a special meal called Ebelskivers. These are a Danish pancake ball. If you get the Williams Sonoma catalog, you have seen these as filled pancakes. But we did them before Williams Sonoma made them cool.

The history that gets told about ebelskivers is that the Vikings cooked little balls of dough in the divets on their shields. Our family history says that somehow an ancestor at some point passed the tradition down. We have always made them on Christmas morning and filled them with strawberries and whipped cream.

To make the ebelskivers, you need an ebelskiver pan. As you can sort of see, it just has half spheres. You fill each groove with batter, and then use a fork to keep turning it until all the batter is cooked and you have a little ball.

And voila! the finished product.

And these are gluten-free.

My mom used the Bisquick pancake mix. Instead of following the instructions exactly, she used whipped egg whites, one more than is called for (so if it's 3 eggs, use 4 whipped egg whites). She also added more milk than was called for.

My brother said they tasted fabulous.

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