Monday, February 1, 2010

Reporting on Last Week's Food

If I don't jot it down, I won't remember next time. So here is the report on last week's food.

The plan was:
Lentil Dahl -- leftover from last week
Veggie Soup -- new batches of the same tummy goodness
Moroccan Chickpea and Potato Soup -- This sounds really good, but I am going to replace the yukon gold potatoes with sweet potatoes (because that's what I've got. Hopefully I don't turn orange again).

The Dahl was delightful. None the worse for having sat in the fridge for a week. The veggie soup was, of course, fabulous. The chickpea and potato soup left some serious stuff to be desired.

First problem: The chickpeas got really hard, so then I wound up choking on them. This is a particularly bad scenario when you live alone. (Don't worry. I'm clearly fine).
Second problem: It was really orange, and not very flavorful. Yeah, you'd think with all the curry and stuff that flavor wouldn't be a problem.

Ok, now I am just thinking of one of the contestants from "Top Chef" last season. After judge's table, he walked back to the other contestants and said, "Oh, I forgot the flavor!"

I'm glad that the person who posted the soup likes it so much, but it's not for me, and I won't be making it again.

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