Monday, February 15, 2010

Menu Plan

Lesson from the menu plan two weeks ago.
1. Enchiladas don't freeze well.

Busy weeks, so I didn't post a menu plan last week. I did pretty well for having no plan though. Mostly because the plan just keeps getting rolled over.

I made my vegetable soup. I made black beans and rice. I ate leftovers. I had people over on Friday and made Chili -- I'll post the recipe for that soon. Yes, yet another chili recipe. I thought it was good. I made pancakes -- quick review the Maple Grove Farms pancake mix is good. My sister came again so we ate at our fav Thai restaurant.

Menu plan for the week
Finish veggie soup leftovers
Finish chili leftovers
Finish black beans and rice leftovers

I need to think of a portable, non-reheatable lunch for Wednesday. I have an all-day meeting. Other than that it is mostly a clean out the fridge week.

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