Sunday, April 11, 2010

Menu Plan

I've decided that I need to stop being a slacker. I haven't made a menu plan for a couple of weeks, and I have decided that as a consequence I have been eating junk. Now, yes, I'm like the people on the Intel commercial who say, "Our rockstars aren't like your rockstars." My junk is not like most people's junk. But it still makes me feel a little junky.

So here is the menu plan for the week:
Red cabbage and bok choy stir fry -- Already made and eaten for dinner on Sunday. Leftovers for lunch on Monday.
Lentil Dahl -- Already made. I have four portions, which should get me through lunch on Wednesday.
Red Lentil Lemon Soup
Quinoa Tabouli -- the original version of this pasta salad (although I will probably toss in the olives. Who can resist olives?)
Split Pea Soup -- I will probably tweak this recipe.

I made hummus for a snack yesterday. I was trying a different recipe and it was way too lemon juice-y for me. But it is still a good snack.

Speaking of junk food, have you seen this website? This is why you're fat? My first comment is clearly, I am not getting enough vittles (that's what my dad always says), and second, I am clearly not creative enough.

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