Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tortilla Wrap

Last week was a really good food week. I made a big pot of my good soup, which carried me through most of the week, I ate a lot of salad, and for a new recipe, I tried a sandwich wrap.

Tortilla Sandwich Wrap
Gluten-free flour tortilla (they were on sale in the freezer section of my natural food store)
cilantro pesto
lettuce and other greens (mustard greens - try them raw)
um... maybe some other vegetables that I had on hand.
salt, pepper, and olive oil

I laid the tortilla on a cookie sheet, and heated the oven to 350. Then I piled on the toppings pizza-style. After about 15 minutes (when the edges of the tortilla were crunchy), I pulled it out, cut it in half and flipped the halves closed.

In addition to the good food I made, I went to a restaurant with friends. I was very impressed because they had labels on the items that were gluten-free, and when I told them I am gluten-free, they immediately made all the proper arrangements to avoid cross-contamination. It was nice to be taken care of.

Then I got bummed because I went out of town this weekend (road trip!) and couldn't find anywhere to eat. When I asked if menu items contained flour, the servers looked at me like I had 3 heads. When I peremptorily explained that I have food allergies to gluten, which is wheat and flour, they ignored my requests, and brought me fried food smothered in gravy.

And I think the biggest problem is I don't know how to remedy that. Maybe I should research restaurants in the areas I will be traveling to see their menus. Maybe I should buy a 5 day cooler like my mom has and just pack all my own food. The problem with that was even with a way to keep the food cool, I would have to plan all things that require no cooking at all. Unless I also want to look up local parks to see if they have a barbeque pit and carry my own charcoal. Suggestions?

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