Saturday, June 20, 2009

Anybody want a peanut?

One thing I have noticed is that I always spend $30 when I go to the grocery store. Hm. If anyone who doesn't actually know me is reading this, I think they will absolutely hate me. So let me just say, I am a single person, and I live completely alone (cue the Hallelujah chorus). And what I mean by spending $30 is that every time I walk in to a grocery store, even just set foot inside, I spend $30.

So here is what I bought this week:

Shopping for the week of June 14

-Nature's Pantry (think Whole Foods. An absolute necessity for me because of their selection of gluten-free products, which they sell for less that other stores that might, sometimes, if the wind is right, carry them)
4 boxes of rice pasta. Total 7.96. Savings (because they were on sale) 2.4o.
2 jars of almond butter. Total 7.58. Savings 1.60
2 boxes of vegetable broth. Total 4.58. Savings 1.80
Total 19.60

Each of these items are staples for me, and so I was just replenishing the stock because they were on some pretty good sales. I'll let you know in the future how I plan to use them.

Bananas 1.70
Orange Juice 1.79
3 lbs Strawberries 2.97
Watermelon 3.99
Canola oil 2.79
Mango 0.59
Apples 1.05
Nectarines 1.77
Hummus 1.69
Almonds 2.69
Frozen blueberries 2.69
Funfetti cake mix 0.89
Total 26.58

Aldi has cheap fruit. So let's see, I used one cup of the orange juice to make muffins. I plan on making a couple other batches of muffins with it, and maybe some homemade popsicles. I've already eaten one of the boxes of strawberries, adding about half to smoothies, and just enjoying the other half. The almonds are a snack that I bought particularly for when my sister comes to visit and if the hummus can remain in the fridge for another week, it will serve the same purpose. The funfetti cake mix needs some explanation I guess. I lead a choir at the church. In order to get people to participate, I have to feed them. I refuse to spend a lot of money on that (because they don't seem to care what it is or what it tastes like). And I found a month ago that I could make cookies out of the cake mix and one cake mix will make a batch that lasts for more than a month. Yay.

-Price Chopper
Salad Dressing 1.49. Savings 1.20
Olives 1.19
2 bags tortilla chips 6.00. Savings 2.98
Feta 2.49
Parsley 0.89
Green pepper 0.79
Grape tomatoes 1.99. Saving 0.50
Capers 3.29
4 bags Frozen vegetables (On sale for 0.69) 2.76. Savings 4.00
2 bags frozen broccoli 3.38
Total 28.51

The tortilla chips were on sale, so they are a snack to have with my sister. We love guacamole. The frozen vegetables are to replenish my stock (69 cents. Woo hoo). The rest of the ingredients are going to be used to prepare dinner for two friends on Sunday.

For dinner on Sunday, we will be having herbed tuna in tomatoes and a pasta salad. Using what I have in the pantry and what I bought this week, those two dishes will cost 14.12. I will also cut up the watermelon for "desert" and have some muffins (have I mentioned I am on a super muffin kick?), which will round out to 19.90.

But I am interested to find out how long I will get to eat the leftovers. Because that is what makes it worth it, right?

And the total spend on food this week: 74.69

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