Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Potato Pasta and Sweet Potato Pie

I've been out of town for a while. And that means so much good food. Before I left I made lunch for a friend. Naturally it turns into a little bit of a story. I had visited the farmers market and bought a small basket of sweet potatoes, which I hadn't gotten around to eating. I decided I really needed to eat them before I left for a few weeks, but I wasn't interested in just baking them. So I surfed around for a little while and found a recipe for sweet potato and goat cheese pasta with sage brown butter.

Of course, I thought this was perfect because it has 5 ingredients and except for the goat chesse, I had all of them in my house.

Let me tell you some of the changes I made.

1. I used gluten-free penne pasta. I liked that a lot better than lasagna.
2. I mixed the sweet potatoes and goat cheese while the sweet potatoes were really still hot. I used my Kitchen Aid and they were really smooth and creamy.
3. I discovered that goat cheese tastes quite a bit like cream cheese, so when I made this for my family last week, I used half goat cheese and half cream cheese.
4. I added the sage to the brown butter after the butter was completely brown and slightly cool. This kept the sage from going crispy and I liked that better.

I did make this for my family and they really liked it as well (except for Kim who doesn't like sweet potatoes).

In all truth, I had so many sweet potatoes that I also decided to make the "Haitian Sweet Potato Bread." My thinking was that it would actually be a good snack to take on the airplane. Somehow with the description I thought that it would be bread, a nice sweet bread like muffins. Yeah, not at all.

My friend and I ate it and it was actually really good. It is sweet and creamy. But it is definitely not bread.

I decided to rename it "Crustless Sweet Potato Pie." Now I am from North Carolina and so I know that this is not at all like a sweet potato pie. But a pie filling is the closest thing I can think of to this.

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