Sunday, March 21, 2010


Who knew it could be so hard.

I am drastically modifying the Apple Torta that we made in my gluten-free desserts class. I thought it was amazing and delicious, so I want to be able to make it gluten-free.

I keep wondering though, why I don't seem to remember that I have never liked cake and why it doesn't seem to stay in my mind that cake doesn't even appear on the list of gluten-filled things that I miss. I'm concerned about my sanity.

Batch #1: too wet. Like wow, is this really cooked all the way wet.
Batch #2 (pictured above): Still quite wet. There is something wrong with it that I just can't put my finger on. It's not very sweet, which might be it, but I feel like there is something else wrong.

One of the problems is I have no idea what cake batter is supposed to be like. How runny is it normally? Should I have to use a spoon to push it into the corners?

If you've got suggestions or would like to taste my cake and tell me what is wrong, just leave a comment.

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