Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tefflecakes at the Farmers' Market

No recipe today, just a fun note. Now I'm just imagining my students rolling their eyes at me. I mean that I want to tell you about something that was fun for me.

Last Saturday was such a gorgeous day that I decided to go to the farmers' market. It's November, so I was just planning on buying some apples. I was very surprised (and happy) when I saw the long tables filled with all sorts of goodies. I came home with 2 varieties of squash, 4 enormous eggplants, and 2 huge bags full of spinach and lettuce.

The bonus was that, as I was perusing the stalls, I found a baker. Her stall is called "Be-Free." I stopped to read her sign, gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, sugar-free. She started chatting with me and telling me all about her products. It is always cool to meet a fellow gf-er, but even cooler to see what she was doing with it.

She has made her own flour blend that she called "miracle flour," and she used the same blend for all the different things she made.

After talking to her for 20 minutes, I felt obligated to buy something. So I chose a bag of her "miracle flour" and went on my way. The flour is mostly teff, which is a variety that I have read and heard about, but never actually used.

I made pancakes - called tefflecakes on the label (and managed to do it almost according to the directions) - and they are very delicious. There was not too much lift, which is good because I don't like super thick pancakes, but they were light. Teff is a dark flour, so as you can see, they are very dark. And all those little holes mean air bubbles, which mean these are light and fluffy.

I think I will put teff on my list.

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